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Game of Thrones art by the brilliant artist Ted Nasmith. The captions above are from his website on each picture page.

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Here's Why This Best-Selling Book Is Freaking Out the Super-Wealthy

"…inequality will slowly but surely undermine the population’s faith in the system. He doesn’t believe, as Marx did, that capitalism would simply burn itself out over time. In fact, he says that the more perfect and advanced markets become (at least, in economic terms), the better they work and the more fully they serve the rich. But he does believe that rising inequality leads to a less perfect union…Basically, Piketty has finally put to death, with data, the fallacies of trickle down economics and the Laffer curve, as well as the increasingly fantastical notion that we can all just bootstrap our way to the Forbes 400 list. It’s telling and important that Piketty credits his work to the fact that he didn’t forge his economic career in the States, as so many top thinkers do, because he was put off by the profession’s obsession with unrealistic mathematical models, which blossomed in the 1980’s to the exclusion of almost all other ideas and disciplines, and the false ideologies that they were used to justify. “The truth is that economics should ever have sought to divorce itself from the other social sciences and can only advance in conjunction with them,” he argues.”

The American Middle Class Is No Longer the World’s Richest

Data shows that while America still has an edge above the 60th percentile, anything below the median is no longer our advantage. From the article: 

"But both opinion surveys and interviews suggest that the public mood in Canada and Northern Europe is less sour than in the United States today. “The crisis had no effect on our lives,” Jonas Frojelin, 37, a Swedish firefighter, said, referring to the global financial crisis that began in 2007. He lives with his wife, Malin, a nurse, in a seaside town a half-hour drive from Gothenburg, Sweden’s second-largest city.

They each have five weeks of vacation and comprehensive health benefits. They benefited from almost three years of paid leave, between them, after their children, now 3 and 6 years old, were born. Today, the children attend a subsidized child-care center that costs about 3 percent of the Frojelins’ income.

Even with a large welfare state in Sweden, per capita G.D.P. there has grown more quickly than in the United States over almost any extended recent period — a decade, 20 years, 30 years. Sharp increases in the number of college graduates in Sweden, allowing for the growth of high-skill jobs, has played an important role.”

Supreme Court to rule on political campaigns’ pretty little lies | Al Jazeera...

Politics is a brutal bar fight. Ever since George Washington left office, politicians have been largely about lies. I also agree with the article stating that people are less and less willing to accept “facts” as actual evidence for a candidates desirability. There are quite a few out there that seem to just accept that jello as quickly as news stations can offer it, but on the whole I believe that the trend is shifting towards a politician stating something in a debate, and hundreds of people pulling out their phones. Good thing too.

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"[Politics] is supposed to be a big brutal bar fight. It is supposed to be people contesting their ideas, policies and organizational skills. It is not supposed to be arbitrated with these people with their glasses hooked over the ends of their noses, wagging their fingers at what can and can’t be said, said Rick Wilson, a Florida-based GOP media consultant.